This body of work consists of a series of elements under the theme of Sharp Objects. This theme is both literal, as many of the objects are of a sharp nature; and conceptual, as it is primarily the sharpness of dichotomies and rationality, that I am ultimately addressing.

Vitality, was originally designed to be a functional incandescent lightbulb, pierced through by a 6 inch needle, a lampcord (bound with electrician's tape) as its gestural armature. It evolved into its current configuration after the idea was explored for further possibilities.

His, Hers, Ours a set of 2 double-edged daggers, with His and Hers engraved on the handles, accompanied by a sheath which holds both, inscribed Ours.

Fidelity a brass-headed harpoon mounted vertically upon an iron weight.

Sharp Objects #1 and #2 a kitchen (chef's) knife, with an unrealistically long lead blade, which wriggles in diminishing waves from the handle to the point. The second knife describes a spiral from the handle, centering in to the tip.
There will likely be a third...

Penis serratus an interactive work that drives home the sexism inherent in psychoanalysis, and related theories.

other works that have not been completed, either because they have changed, or I have not gotten to them yet...