Inspired by a commission from Mentoring Artist's for Women's Art, this work is based on a book of the same name by I.J. Staworth.  Originally, a familiar looking globe with proper political boundaries would result from the building process. I scanned the diecut pages, and applied my own values to the resulting files.
My world portrays a population density of women per square kilometer [wpsk], spreading this range across each country from the political capitol to the furthest border, blurring the distinctions between political boundaries and providing a graphic representation of this community's presence.  Light colored areas show those less than 54 wpsk. Midrange values are 54 -244 wpsk, and the darkest range is those countries over 244 wpsk.  The globe is executed in shades of pink, on a black ground.
From Mongolia (1.70) to Monaco (15,921 wpsk) this overview of the world approximates the distribution of women around the globe, with a little spin on the proximity geographically to political power.
Statistics were derived from the CIA Factbook, 2001.

About this piece:

Title: Build your own world
Year: 2003
Dimensions: 20" diameter
Materials:paper, glue