fresh prey catfood

In response to the observation that in nature, cats do not indulge in beef, lamb, tuna, etc... particularly as grilled, roasted, or with rice.
The 23 flavours are derived from actual creatures cats might consume, whether in the wild or domestic life.

frisky field mouse
tasty gecko
cardinal sin
chipmunk treat
simply sparrow
international mole
plump red robin
cordon bleu jay
nevermore raven
roadkill crow
tender tree frog
oriole interrupted
cockroach snack
humble wren
chinchilla dinner
little brown bat
wish upon a starling
escaped lab rat
forbidden budgie
beloved hamster
glittering goldfish

About this piece:

Title: fresh prey catfood
Year: 2004
Dimensions: variable
Materials: catfood cans, custom labels