seven treatable conditions, formerly deadly sins

sin treatment generic term
Sloth Ritalin® amphetamine
Anger Xanax® sedative
Lust Viagra® erectile dysfunction
Vanity Propecia® male hair regrowth
Avarice Eskalith® lithium for mania
Gluttony Xenical® for appetite control
Envy Prozac® depression
Miniature script (elaborate, medieval) on the surface of seven tablets and/or capsules... naming the sin related to the pharmaceutical product. The pills are held in place on the wall by tiny metal claws, almost like a jewelry setting with 2 magnifying glasses hanging from chains on either side. I include the act of "closer examination" which the audience undergoes in order to examine the work, to show on another level that something which was grand enough to become known as a sin has been reduced to a very tiny, but extremely potent form.